Ladybug Digital is a digital marketing agency with a passion for everything digital. We have been working in the industry for more than twenty years.

We bring the expertise to the table to make sure that we can help you achieve your dream while you are focussed on your passion.
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We bring the expertise to the table to make sure that we can help you achieve your dream while you are focussed on your passion.

Ladybug Digital is a digital marketing agency with a passion for everything digital. We have been working in the industry for more than twenty years. Ladybug was founded after seeing a lot of clients who have small to medium size businesses who are in desperate need of professional web development, Search Engine Optimisation, online & social media marketing assistance.

We are focussed on doing things right by making sure we cover the basics. This mean that you don’t need two budgets; one for website development and one for SEO. We bring the expertise to the table to make sure that we can help you achieve your dream while you are focussed on your passion.

Where possible we schedule a face to face meeting to discuss your requirements and see if our companies would be a good fit.

The initial meeting is focussed on outlining the requirements of the development & discuss your specific vision of what you need. We always want to look at short, medium & long-term goals you wish to achieve. Digital development can never be done in isolation; we consider the bigger picture.

After the website development is completed we are still there to support the site. We look at post launch & content strategies to ensure the long term success of your development.

So, if you are looking for a partner to take your business to the next level then contact us.

Our clients are as much a partner in our business as we are in theirs. You are only as good as the last development & we are focussed on always delivery the best possible solution for the budget. We believe that the strategy applied to our clients’ developments should be to develop something that can grow with their business & can be maintained within their business. Understanding their requirements & their dreams is a critical requirements to ensure the solution we deliver is in line with what’s envisioned, balanced with what can be achieved.

So if you want a digital partner that will walk the road with you as your business grow & develop, then contact us so we can schedule that all important meeting.

Petro owner of Ladybug digital, created an amazing website for Gypsy Queen. She is extremely professional & always available for any needs & queries. I feel like she understood me & my work, & what I wanted to achieve. Petro is always there to help with backend stuff that I find daunting. I appreciate & enjoy Petro's energy. We've had some good laughs along the way. This made the whole project exiting & fun, through all the hard work. I would highly recommend Petro to create your website. Thank You Petro Looking forward to our next meeting.

The Gypsy Queen Jewellery website development has been one of our favourite developments. Veronica Sleigh is an amazingly talented artist producing bespoke jewellery pieces which are as unique as they are beautiful. Developing the website to showcase these amazing pieces was an easy task. Have a look at the Gypsy Queen website here.
Veronica Sleigh - Gypsy Queen Jewellery

Ladybug took the Rudera website from “same old, same old” to “WOW” and finally we have a website that does the brand justice! We love it. The Ladybug team focussed on Rudera’s specific needs and managed to portray our authenticity and values to our target audience.

Rudera Wines
Riana Hall - Rudera Wines

It is always a pleasure work with a professional and helpful company. We have been doing business with Petro and Leonie for the past 4 years and can highly recommend this effective team!!

Outdoor & Velocity
Rolph Vorster - Outdoor & Velocity

We interviewed several designers and found Petro to be most engaging and patient with all our questions. Throughout the web design procedure, Petro was always on time, reliable and when required, flexible. Her knowledge and guidance were much appreciated. We were grateful for her understanding of our requirements and always being ready to go the extra mile. It was a pleasure to work with both Petro and Leonie. The after sales service has been very helpful and genuine. Knowing that we can always give them a call with any hiccups is most reassuring and we value their pleasant attitude and professional manner. We would highly recommend Ladybug as a web designer and wish them great success with their business.

When it comes to passion Olgani’s owner Olga Niemkiewicz has loads. Developing this beautiful corporate website and online store was a privilege. Olga had a very clear idea of what she had in mind from a visual perspective and provided great direction to the entire development. With amazing images which brings the products to live and a focussed eye to detail, we are proud to be Olgani’s digital partner. Visit the Olgani website.
Olga - Olgani Naturals

I have worked with Petro for over four years now, being highly recommended to her by two different, unrelated people in the same week. It was serendipitous - we were meant to meet. In Petro I found all I was looking for in a website person. VERY uniquely she has an incredible, deep intuitive understanding of all the important elements; from strategy (what the website needs to achieve now and long term), design, functionality, content, technical, range of platform options AND SEO and Google Analytics - all that very important stuff that is normally an after-add on or an expensive extra from someone separate. I have yet to find anyone else who has Petro’s extensive experience with the level of knowledge on ALL these elements! The ultimate one stop shop where you feel completely confident that everything will be done perfectly! And she works so hard and always goes above and beyond, so I relate to her completely! 🙂 I have not worked with Leonie for long but she designed an amazing logo and website for an event for me recently and translated the rather ‘all-over-the-place’ brief perfectly, and it all came together beautifully and effortlessly. I don’t really want to recommend them to anyone in case they get too busy for me, as I intend to use them and expect them to be available for me 24/7 and all my clients going forward! 😉

PAULA WILSON MEDIA CONSULTING (PWMC) is a hub of experienced media, publicity, public relations, digital, social media and marketing professionals, all with heavyweight big brand experience.
Paula Wilson - Paula Wilson Media Consulting

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At Ladybug we believe that the initial meeting is the most important. When you plan to create a website; it is importance is to find the right fit for your business. You not only need a company who is able to go through the motions of development; you need someone who hears & can interprets your passion for your business & translate it into a digital strategy that works for you.