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July 2019

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2019 is here and it is time to gear up for Google’s mobile-first indexing, if you have not yet done so. We have all been warned about this approach for a long time; but what does it really mean? How does it affect your website and rankings on Google? A study conducted by Outbrain; has found that search is the number 1 contributor of traffic to content sites. Mobile users have surpassed desktop users globally during 2017 already. In a bid to stay abreast of serving the best possible results for all devices; Google has warned that for mobile users they will priorities serving

For those of you who have been in hibernation for the last few years – mobile responsive design is kind of a big deal. There is an endless amount of benefits when it comes to ensuring that your web properties are mobile friendly, with responsive design more than earning a spot on your list of top priorities.

Applying proper search engine optimisation (SEO) to your site is like arriving early at the craft market to secure the best, most visible spot for your stall: it takes a little extra effort, and sure, it’s only a start; but it gives you some highly valuable visibility amidst a sea of competition, and, while nothing is ever certain in business, it could well be the difference between your business taking off or dying in its cradle.

A while back I came across an amazing infographic which really encapsulate the processes which needs to be followed to successfully generate leads from your website. I found that this outline to together with our article “Help your website reach its full potential” outlines all the details required for a plan from which to launch your digital marketing strategy. Please click here to read the article which provides more information regarding the Infographic as well as view the original one.

Globally inbound marketing has seen the highest increase in budget spending and focus. In South Africa we are seeing variable applications of inbound marketing; if you are not looking at this seriously you are falling behind on your positioning as a brand and company. Inbound marketing – for those who don’t know – are methods you can apply to draw traffic to your site. This is done via content marketing and is underscored by your social media channels, newsletters and search engine optimisation. Here are 5 reasons why you should be taking inbound marketing serious. Build credibility on-line The key feature that sets a site apart from

Running a blog is the sort of work one is inclined to think would be easy. And it is, but only in relative terms – in comparison to working in a coal mine, for instance. But in terms of how you’ll actually be thinking of it, well, it’ll soon turn out to be one helluva lot harder than you’ve convinced yourself it’ll be. Sure, you can do it from home, and can occasionally fluff out your word count with some shrewd thesaurusing; but you’re still facing the usual ruthless deadlines, demanding customer base, and sea of competitors who you need to beat out. And for